We are made for those who do not want to follow ephemeral fashions but are looking for a timeless style that gives value to tradition - the know-how passed down from father to son - capable of creating environments that last over time, because they are made with that Italian passion and knowledge that evolves from tradition into innovation.

To create environments that reflect your taste, be it traditional or contemporary.


Hands of skilled craftsmen
perform processing with extreme care and skill.

From the choice of materials to the processing technique up to the pre-assembly,
it is performed by master craftsmen in Italy.

The class of details will never go out of style

Precise and accurate processing every step done in a workmanlike manner
gives life to a high-level product.

Use of noble materials designed to last over time.


The continuous search for noble materials designed to last, are the symbol of our respect for the environment and of the constant commitment to its protection, so we continue to embrace values and responsibilities aimed at protecting our land through our culture and the choices that we do every day.

Perfectly organized shipments all over the world of our precious productions by means of sturdy and specially designed packaging are the best guarantee of a precise and consistent distribution to your home, wherever you are!

Alongside architects and interior designers.

Arte Antiqua proposes itself as a partner for architects and interior designers, offering its precious collaborative role since the birth of the project.

Some of our creations:

Office in Malta

Apartment in Nizza.

Villa made in Russia


Villa made in Russia